Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Union Label: Edwards Goes To Work

PITTSBURGH – For savvy Democratic politicians, Labor Day is more than a moment for symbolic expressions of solidarity, marching hand-in-hand with America's unionized workforce. For some, it marks a coronation. For John Edwards, Labor Day 2007 might well be remembered as the day he became a contender.

Armed with the critical Purple State endorsements of the United Steelworkers, the United Mineworkers, and the International Brotherhood of Carpenters Joiners, Sen. John Edwards is well-positioned to both solidify his lead in Iowa and to build his fundraising efforts with the backing of two very high profile union labels. Edwards is no longer just a telegenic one-term senator whose charismatic good-ole-boy grin and trial lawyer patois kept in the game, but forced him to bluff with every hand. Now, he's holding some powerful face cards – and he ain't waitin' for the river.

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