Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bill Richardson's Job Interview: Hail Mary or Savvy Strategy?

NEW YORK – A disinterested interviewer. A stellar résumé. And the job seeker who is an odds-on favorite to be the Democratic nominee for – VEEP. Has Gov. Bill Richardson gone crazy? Crazy like a fox. With a steady stream of cash, a slow increase in Iowa support, Gov. Richardson is hoping to that a strong finish will give him greater national attention and a shot at the first tier.

Clearly, with his current numbers at about 5 percent, this is obviously an attempt to hit a three-pointer from the opposite basket. But, according to the New York Times, his off-beat ad campaign might be the tipping point in a state over-saturated with pre-packaged politicos, and too few leaders with "real, on-the-job experience."

From our perspective, perched high above the bustle of Madison Avenue, Gov. Richardson's public "job interview" offers a brief slice of self-deprecating humanity amidst a seemingly endless sea of folksy crescendos and slow-motion swirls of smiling faces. The question is whether these interesting take-offs on "The Office," will play forty miles outside of Davenport? Our answer: why not?


Dan Dimendberg, Contributing Editor said...

This is a great ad that emphasizes Bill Richardson's greatest strength . ..his experience. It also calls out the national media and Democratic Primary voters for ignoring this wealth of experience. I am still an undecided voter, but I know that Bill Richardson has the best resume of any candidate. . . and its not even close.

J.James said...


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