Sunday, July 01, 2007

Is Everything Old New Again? Wes Clark Tests the Waters

WASHINGTON – Latecomer to the 2004 campaign, Gen. Wes Clark, has been testing the waters, though probably as Sen. Hillary Clinton's potential veep. The funny thing is, Clark might be just sort of candidate that the Democrats need in order to throw down in a general election. Yes, the state polls show Hillary even further ahead of the pack than the national polls. And Clinton finally seems to be pulling ahead of her potential Republican opponents. But, the question remains, can she win anywhere outside of the Blue States?

The Brandwagon believes that 2008 really comes down to Ohio -- and, if that's the case, can Hillary really pull of a victory where neither Gore nor Kerry could before? Is Clark the guy who can win Ohio? Possibly. But, if he's serious about becoming president, he needs to really live up to the powerful brand image of the 2004 Time photo shown above –– and get into the race QUICKLY. Clark can't afford to test the waters so long that his toes get cold.

If Clark can show the same resolve as his enormous fan base, he might have a shot as "The General Who Can Bring the Troops Home" and America back to sanity. But, like Gore, Clark needs to lay the groundwork -- FAST.


Anonymous said...

Hell yes we're ready for Wes Clark! Been ready!

Don Jo said...

I don't know who pays for this polling that shows Hillary ahead, but I can guess. Around here, and with everybody I know, NO ONE will vote for her. I think the polls are a fraud, set up to scare everyone away from her imperial dynastic day dreams. If she needs Wes Clark to boost her national security credentials, she has no business running for president. Any VP under her would be relegated to attending funerals, as hubby Bill would be the de facto president. Without him she would be just a blip in the polls.
What this country desperately needs is Wes Clark as President.

Anonymous said...

Clark as President with whomever he chooses as VP.

A liberal who will pull in Independents and moderate Republics, international statesman known and respected around the world, Rhodes scholar, diplomat, has seen war up close and personal and knows it is not the answer, and should only ever be used as a last, last, last resort.


abburdlen said...

Given the sorry state of the republican field I think nearly any of the choices have a chance to win. But to get anything done Democrats are going to need an overwhelming majority in Congress (note how the GOP is stopping anything from getting done right now).
Clinton might squeak through but would bring along a republican Congress. Obama is bringing huge crowds to politics (350,000 donations six months before the first primary?!) but there's no evidence he's growing the democratic party, in fact given some of his rhetoric he might lose some seats as well in the election.
Winning the general election just isn't enough. To fix the crap the current administration left on this country is going to take a Reagan-like victory in Nov. and only Wes Clark fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

July 4th powerful image for you; 'We don't concede" - Wes Clark

elleng said...

Why would you or ANYONE say that Wes Clark is 'testing the waters' 'probably' as Senator Clintons Vice President? Do you have some sort of information not shared with We the People?

If so, please come clean; if not, please quit spreading/manufacturing rumors, spend some time learning about General Clark, and use your skills supporting him.

Nick Kelly said...

abburdlen's comment above is both spot on and huge! It is absolutely true that Democrats cannot expect significant changes to occur simply through regaining control of the White House. For example, in order to enact any major changes to the health-care system, we will need a huge majority in both houses of Congress. Otherwise, the health-insurance lobby will own enough Republicans to see to it that nothing significant ever even gets to a vote.

Thanks to the current administration's incompetence and corruption, we have an opportunity to transform the political landscape to blue and/or light blue nearly everywhere in 2008 - but we can only grasp this opportunity with the right candidate. Because of his broad bi-partisan appeal, Wes Clark is the only Democrat with a good chance at making this happen.

Nightengale said...

Clark's been working too hard to keep his toes in the water. He helped Dems all over the country last year because he knew the value and the need for that. He's been speaking out at universities all over the place recently, still teaching us what's going on and what we should be looking for.

I want to see him run cause we need him and I trust him. Can't say the same for any of the others.