Sunday, July 01, 2007

Leader of the Pack? Gore Rumbles Into N.H. Polls

MANCHESTER, NH – Senator Hillary Clinton womps Senators Barack Obama and John Edwards in the latest New Hampshire polls. But, when Vice President Al Gore hypothetically jumps into the fray, Clinton loses almost one-third of her support and Al Gore becomes leader of the pack, outpolling the senator from New York 32- 26.

Rumors have it that Gore is sitting out the dog days of summer and considering a fall announcement. This would allow Gore to garner the same kind of quasi-organic public support that has recently enveloped fellow non-candidate-Tennessean, Senator Fred Thompson, while quietly watching the current front-runners scramble to max-out their donors. The Street reports that Gore would have no trouble raising the bucks to put on a show – but, Gore might need to move faster than November, if he wants to have the infrastructure necessary to the get-out-the-vote beyond New Hampshire. He might be campaigning to save the world's environment, but he's got to be considering the global impact of another round of Republican rule.

For Al Gore, stepping into the breach may be a form of truly public service – and the product of one of America's greatest political re-brandings, in which he has transformed himself from "Washington Insider" to "Wealthy Environmental Crusader." From this perspective, Gore is living what Buffett is preaching by making it de riguer for people-of -means to care about the rest of the world.

The America of 2000 chose cowboy boots over content, swagger over sweat, smirk over smarts. Today's America is different. Brains hold sway over brawn. And responsibility is the new watchword.

Today's America is looking for a savior – someone who passionate, smart and willing to take charge and steer the ship in a new direction. This may be the reason that Guiliani, Thompson, Gore, and Richardson are surging forward, while the remaining cast of Washington-insiders are falling flat. The public may be perceiving the current field as part of the problem and not the solution. However, if Gore wants to be part of the solution, he's got to step-up before its too late to get-out-the-vote.

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